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Roof Replacement or Roof Repair?

Your home’s roof is the only thing that stands between your family and the elements. In a state with extreme weather, it also plays a huge part in cooling your home during the scorching summer months. A broken or dysfunctional roof can cost you money over the long term and make your home seriously uncomfortable in the process.

When there are problems with your roof, how do you know whether they can be repaired or if your roof should be replaced? The best way to know with full peace of mind is to call in the professionals for an expert opinion, but there are also several things you can watch for on your own.

Shingle Replacement

After shingles are damaged from severe wind or a fallen tree, they can often be replaced fairly easily. When just a few shingles are torn or damaged, it is a relatively simple process to remove the damaged ones and replace them with newer ones. In this situation, you may find that the newer shingles don’t exactly match the older ones, but just a simple repair job may extend the life of your current roof for over a decade.

When to Replace

Arizona has its own unique climate, which can be difficult on your roof. A clear sign that your roof needs to be replaced is when you notice leaking during the monsoon season. If you have several leaks in your roof that are causing problems in your home, it is likely time to replace.

Every home is different, and roofing materials change over the years. The general rules of thumb in Arizona are that: a pitched roof should be replaced about every 20 years, flat asphalt roofs every 10 to 15 years, and foam roofs need recoating every 5 years. Remember that the material used and the installation date can play a big part in these timeframes, so it’s always best to get the opinion of a professional.

Repair or Replace Your Roof?

Know that one small leak or a few missing shingles don’t always require an entire roof replacement. While there will be costs either way, a new roof is significantly more expensive than a repair to your current one. The additional cost is worth it if your home needs the extra protection. If you are only dealing with a small leak or a small area of damaged roofing, it may be possible to simply repair the damage and buy you a few more years before it needs to be replaced.

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