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Why You Need Rain Gutters in the Desert

The desert of southern Arizona is one of the driest places on earth, and putting gutters on your home might seem at first glance like an odd idea. If we only get eight inches of rain annually, isn’t it better to just tough out the storms and enjoy the sun for the rest of the year? Here at Scott Roofing Company, we know that ignoring rain gutters in the desert seems tempting—but even in places like Phoenix and Tucson, gutters are essential for protecting your home.

Monsoon Season

Southern Arizona doesn’t get many storms, but the ones that we do get are really big. The monsoon season runs from June 15th to September 30th, when the prevailing winds shift to the south and bring in moisture from the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf of California. This leads to severe thunderstorms and heavy rains throughout the southern part of the state that account for at least half of our yearly rainfall. The sudden bursts of rain can create flash floods, submerge roads, and even cause damage to your home.

Protecting Landscaping

So what happens during a rainstorm if you don’t have gutters? When it rains or monsoons, the water will pour freely off the edge of your roof. Since all the rain collected on your roof will drain here, the downpour will be even stronger here than anywhere else. If you have flowers, ornamental shrubs, or a garden right up against your house, the onslaught of water can destroy them.

Protecting Your Foundation

Gutters aren’t just for protecting your landscape, though. If you don’t have a drainage system on your roof, the water will run off of your eaves and land directly next to the foundation of your home. Because of the dryness of the soil, this water will soak deeply into the ground and begin to accumulate. Planter boxes, sidewalks, and plastic ground covers can also trap water, leading to serious moisture problems that can affect the foundation of your house. Water damage can include:

• Staining
• Mold and mildew
• Rot
• Warped and swelling wood
• Cracked concrete
• Sloping or settling foundations


Some builders these days are neglecting to put gutters on Arizona homes, and if your home is one of these you’ll probably want to have them installed as soon as possible. Rain gutters in the desert are a surprisingly good idea. Contact Scott Roofing Company at 602-442-7663 to get started today.