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7 Tips to Help You Choose a Roofing Contractor

7 Tips to Help You Choose a Roofing Contractor

Unfortunately, performing an intense due diligence process is required when selecting a roofing contractor to replace or repair your roof.  We battle the reputation of our industry every single day.  In this “Buyer Beware” day and age, it is important for us to call out some major discrepancies between roofing contractors.  Although that low-cost bid may look appealing on paper, do some research before signing that contract!

Here are 7 Tips to Help You Choose a Roofing Contractor

  1. Who do these roofers hire to work on your home?

    In our industry, it is extremely difficult to find good people and keep them.  Is every employee of the company able to pass a drug test as well as E-Verify AND carry the years of experience and talent needed to work on your home?  Will they take pride in their workmanship and slow down just enough to perfect each task AND be efficient?  These employees are diamonds in the rough and cost more to employ.  Ask about your roofing contractor’s hiring process so you have an idea of who will be waterproofing your home!

  2. Are the roofing materials that show up on your driveway the same materials listed in your contract?

    Unfortunately, this happens more than you think.  All materials that arrive should have packaging on them that clearly state the manufacturer and name/weight/thickness of product.  Let your estimator know that you would like to check the materials to your contract before it winds up on your roof.  It might be very early in the morning, but it is worth knowing that you are getting what you paid for!

  3. Ask for referrals!

    A good roofing contractor should have no problem providing you with addresses of work they have performed in your area. In fact, it should be a long list!

  4. Flashings and pipe jacks.

    Do not let a roofing contractor convince you that re-using your metal has value!  If you are replacing your roof, get all new products on there!  Tearing off a roof is demolition and that metal has a high probability of being damaged during the process.

  5. What is their reputation?

    If a roofing company has no reputation, they are probably too new. The danger of a new company is their sustainability.  Have they even been around long enough to outlive their longest warranty?  Are they charging enough for their product and paying their bills so they will be around for the length of your warranty?  Make sure to check out their reviews and current standing with the ROC and BBB.

  6. What if your new roof has a leak on a Friday night?

    Many roofing contractors cut corners on customer service by fully closing down over the weekend and not having any type of emergency service in place.  Make sure they have a warranty department that you are able to reach after hours and over the weekend!

  7. Do they follow the rules?

    There are many rules and regulations that an upstanding roofing contractor must follow.  The biggest red flag is if they pay their installers cash under the table.  Not only is this very illegal, it is a sure road to destruction of the company.  From installing roofs to up to each and every building code to OSHA safety regulations, random drug testing, DOT certifications, truck inspections, dump load weights, and carrying all necessary insurances.  All of these cost money and if a contractor chooses to be negligent in any one of these areas, it could shut them down…along with your warranty!  Companies who choose to follow all the rules and regulations not only take greater pride in their business and community, they will have continued longevity and growth.

If you are looking for a reputable roofing contractor in the Phoenix who can expertly repair the roof of your home or commercial building, call the Pros at Scott Roofing Company.

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