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Why Replacing Your Old Skylights is a Worthy Investment

Many homeowners replace their roofs and choose to forego the replacement of skylights simply because of the cost or the hassle. By replacing old skylights regularly, you can help save money over the longer term and increase the value of your home.

Increased Energy Efficiency

In a state with extreme heat like Arizona, energy efficiency is a big deal. If you have a hard time cooling your home in the summer, new skylights may help. Newer products have double-paned glass in order to keep the hot air where it belongs – outside.

Any energy efficient improvements you make to your home can save you money on your monthly utility bills, and keep the temperature inside your home more comfortable for your family. With certain new skylight models, you may even be eligible for a tax credit for making your home more energy efficient.

Lifespan and Longevity

Many old skylights are made of acrylic, and these are only designed to last approximately 15-20 years -and cracks may show as early as 15 years in. Newer skylights are designed with leak protection and a tempered safety glass that make them last longer and do their job better over time.

Design and Appearance

When you replace your roof with new materials, leaving your old skylights can interrupt the look of your home. There is little point to changing the appearance of your roof if you leave your old skylights as is. As the new roof is sealed in place, the skylights will seal better with the roof if both are replaced at the same time. Doing so makes leaks and cracks less likely.

Risks of Leaking

Older skylights are more likely to leak, and once monsoon season starts you want the interior of your home protected from the outside Arizona weather. With new skylights you can rest easy knowing that your home and your roof are sealed and safe from leaks.

Is It Time to Replace Old Skylights?

Regular wear and tear on your home means that you will need a new roof at some point, whether to increase curb appeal or to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Replacing old skylights along with your roof helps ensure that your home looks great and functions how you would like it to. When your home is more energy efficient, the pressure on your HVAC system is decreased and your home stays comfortable.