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You Can Repair Your Own Roof but Should You?

If you’re an avid do-it-yourselfer, you may be inclined to try and fix anything in need of repair around the home on your own – without calling in assistance from the professionals. While this may work out well when it comes to fixing your garbage disposal or replacing a light switch, there are some situations where it’s well worth calling in the experts. A prime example of this is roof repair. Aside from the inherent danger of working high up above the ground, your roof is one of the most critical components of your home. Failing to fix it properly can result in an array of extremely costly and even dangerous situations, so if you find yourself asking “Can I repair my roof myself?” you may want to reconsider. Here are some of the top reasons you should call the pros for roof repair.

The Process is More Involved Than You May Think

While many DIY types can easily spot a missing or damaged shingle, there are often problems with roofs that aren’t so readily apparent to the naked eye. A professional roofer knows how to spot signs of trouble, and he or she also has considerable knowledge about the various materials and processes involved in getting the roof back in premium condition.

Fixing a Roof Yourself Frequently Can Cost More in the Long Run

Generally, homeowners who choose to try and fix their roofs themselves do so because they don’t want to shell out money to pay a professional. However, unless you have ample training in roof repair, this could hurt you – and your wallet – in the long run. Chances are high that you’ll spend money on materials (which may not be the right ones for the job). Then, valuable time is wasted attempting to perform the repairs only to learn that you missed something or did it incorrectly and need to hire a professional anyway.

It’s Flat-Out Dangerous

Working up high on an uneven surface can be a recipe for disaster, particularly if you’re new to the process. Roofing professionals have special training in working up high as well as using ladders and scaffolding. They also know what types of footwear, clothing and eyewear may be necessary for a particular kind of job.

Quality and Appearance Often Suffer

Finally, roofing professionals not only know how to get a job done right the first time, but they also know how to make it look like a job well done. Any inconsistencies among materials or shingles will likely be spotted by friends and neighbors, and this can prove particularly problematic if you live in a community that follows the rules and regulations of a homeowner’s association.

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