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Shingle Roofs

Simply dominates an estimated 70% of homes in the U.S.!

Shingle Roof Systems lead the American re-roofing market. People are looking for a quality product that lasts. Ideal for steep slope systems, shingle roofing is a cost effective alternative to wood, metal and tile roofing. Simply put, when you think about a roof, you almost always think of shingles first!

Shingles stand up to all weather conditions and require minimal maintenance. They are available in many manufacturing grades with life spans that can range from 20-50 years. Depending on the aesthetic needs of a homeowner, shingles are now available in many different styles. Although Tile roofing has dominated the steep slope roofing market in the southwest for the past 20 years, shingle roofing is still the prevalent choice in our older neighborhoods here in Phoenix.

Benefits of Shingle Roofing

  • Extensive style and color selections.
  • A durable, long term choice for steep slope roofing.
  • Manufacturer warranties are among the best in roofing products available.
  • Affordable choice over Wood Shake, Metal and Tile roofing.

History of Shingles

The largest change in shingle manufacturing over the past 25 years is the advent of fiberglass into the asphalt matte of a shingle. Before then, only asphalt was used. The fiberglass reinforcement allows the shingle to expand and contract much more than the old “organic” shingle. This is VERY important, especially here in the southwest, where we have such extreme heat.

The second largest change is the visual difference of laminated or “dimensional” shingles. Unlike the old 3-tab shingles (which most people picture when shingles are mentioned), dimensional shingles create a unique and distinctive look. These “layered” shingles mimic wood cedar products in appearance. The 3-dimensional look and vast array of colors have made these products the overwhelming choice of homeowners and business owners alike.

The older 3-tab shingle is still made and installed today, however there is also a main difference in the performance of the two, in our opinion. Dimensional shingles are absent of the standard water bonds or “slots” that are on 3-tab shingles. Basically, the dimensions are a 1- piece shingle, therefore they are much less susceptible to wind uplift and wind damage. This is an integral difference between the two styles.

So whatever your shingle choice may be, Scott Roofing Company can provide you with all of today’s leading manufacturers options and styles to choose the ideal solution for your roofing project.

Want to get started? Schedule your free estimate and we’ll come on out, or you can call us right now at 602-442-ROOF (7663).

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